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Replace the old soap holder with our dispenser

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We would like to inform you that this year it has become an opportunity for individuals to purchase the SoapPlaner dispenser for solid soap through our online store.
Plus, we will send you your purchase free of charge at any point.
On our website you can get a coupon with a 10% discount on the purchase of a solid soap dispenser.
Hint. Look for a photo with a bar of soap on the site.

Especially for those who prefer the usual bar soap to the liquid analog

Dear friends, we are glad that you visited our site. This site is completely devoted to our new product bar soap dispenser under the trade name “SoapPlaner”.
Yes, you read correctly, the dispenser for the usual standard bar soap. It may sound strange, but dry soap can be dosed.
Tell me, why make a dispenser for bar soap? After all, everyone has long been using convenient liquid soap?
The main goal of the SoapPlaner dispenser is to make the use of dry bar soap as convenient and effective as liquid soap.
The name “SoapPlaner” comes from the merger of two English words Soap & Planer, which means “soap planer”.

SoapPlaner is a practical, economical and eco-friendly dispenser of dry soap.

The soap dispenser “SoapPlaner” refers to sanitary equipment. This device is designed for grinding and supplying dry detergent (bar soap). It is installed in public institutions, industrial enterprises, hotels, hostels, in preschool organizations and educational institutions, in places of public use, and also used for individual use in everyday life.

A standard piece of any toilet or household soap is placed in the dispenser, with dimensions of no more than 35x55x90mm.


In the dispenser SoapPlaner fully uses a piece of soap without leaving even remnants. This ensures the min. consumption

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The soap remains dry, does not limp and does not crack, retaining all its health properties


SoapPlaner dispenser allows you to use soap without direct contact with hands and water, thereby eliminating the possibility of reproduction and transmission of microbes.

Choose your color for dry soap dispenser

SoapPlaner is available in various colors. A large range of colors perfectly fits into any design of a bathroom or WC facility. You can see a brief overview of the colors available on the SoapPlaner dispenser and choose your own design by clicking on the link below.

SoapPlaner NEW!!! Convenient device for bathroom or WC

Where to buy how much it costs and how the solid soap dispenser works

Product branding and co-packing of bar soap + bar soap dispenser

Our company offers cooperation with soap manufacturers.
The main goal is to promote your brand and improve the company’s business reputation.
How does it work?
On the packaging of our product are applied logo, contacts, and other information of your company.
In this way, you will always be in touch with your potential customer.

Dry soap dispenser SoapPlaner is the product on which to really make money.

For fuller coverage of consumers of the production now, our company expands the dealer network in regions.
What do we offer?
1. Unique high-quality and economy-priced product Dispenser FOR BAR SOAP “SOAPPLANER”
2. Our dispenser has no analogues on the market.
3. Get products with a maximum discount at the lowest price. We look for:
1. Large wholesalers in regions having their own trading network
2. Trade organizations with their own points of sale, online stores.
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Become our distributor in North America

Our company is looking for an official partner in the U.S. and CANADA

We invite you to become a dealer of SoapPlaner brand - dispensing devices for solid soaps.
We are confident that the high quality and reliability of dispensers, democratic pricing policy of our company will provide you with a popular and competitive product.
We are interested in expanding our dealer network in North America.
We will be glad to establish partner relations with the organisations engaged in sales of the equipment of a sanitary-and-hygienic direction with large retailers, Internet shops, and all who are mutually interested in cooperation.
On all questions of cooperation you can write to us on our