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spender für feste Seifenschale des XXI Jahrhunderts

Flakes bar soap dispensers

Der Spender für feste Seife SoapPlaner vereint die besten Eigenschaften von Seifen- und Flüssigseife

Ingenieure der MIDgroup haben ein neues Badgerät namens Seifenspender "SoapPlaner" erfunden, bei dem ein normaler Seifenriegel anstelle von Flüssigseife verwendet wird.
Der SoapPlaner ist an der Wand in Ihrem Badezimmer befestigt und sieht aus wie ein herkömmlicher Seifenspender. Wenn Sie jedoch den Drehknopf mit der Hand drehen, reibt er ein Stück Seife durch die Reibe in kleine Flocken, die beim Waschen der Hände leicht in Seifenlauge verwandelt werden mit Wasser.
Das Design unseres Spenders für trockene Seife ermöglicht Ihnen, die Vorteile von Flüssigseife und festem Seifenklumpen zu maximieren.

Moderne komfortable Wandseifenschale SoapPlaner-Spender für feste Stückseife

Zum Mahlen von Seifenstücken * in kleine Flocken (Pulver) und dosierte Zufuhr von Seifenpulver beim Händewaschen


Installing bar soap in the dispenser housing
How to lather your hands with a Soapplaner dispenser

The main advantages of using Soapplaner

Due to the fact that a piece of soap is always in the body of the soap dispenser, it does not interact with water.
This allows you to solve a number of problems with the use of bar soap when washing hands.

soap does not become limp

soap does not crack

the soap doesn't get dirty

Additional advantages of our solid soap dispenser

From the very beginning, at the stage of developing the SoapPlaner model of the batcher, we set a goal that any standard bar of soap can be inserted into our batcher. We knew that our only competitor has a huge disadvantage - they have a dispenser designed only for a certain piece of soap. Moreover, this exclusive soap except for them, no one produces. And that's not all, when you find out the value of this soap, you will no longer want to wash your hands for that kind of money.

Before you buy a dispenser for dry soap

pay attention to the large selection of colors

The principle of operation of the dispenser for dry soap "SoapPlaner"

The principle of operation is quite simple – when the rotary knob is rotated, SoapPlaner turns solid soap into small crumb, which is easily soaped.

Suitable for standard soap.

It is convenient in use both in public places, and in house use.

The wall doser for dry soap has several color options and will harmoniously fit into any interior.

Buy an inexpensive dry soap dispenser with free shipping to anywhere in the world

Delivery, delivery time

Delivery geography - Minsk and the Republic of Belarus, Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia, America, World.
The shipment is carried out with the help of Belpochta RUE.
Delivery time on average takes from 2-10 days in Belarus, outside Belarus the delivery time may increase to 2-5 weeks. You can pay in the online store for a dispenser for dry soap online using any bank card.
Specify the price of the batcher for usual soap at consultants or look in the catalog of online store.


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